Environmental Education – Small Actions With Big Impact


Are you an educator with a passion for hands-on learning and sustainable education?
Do you want to inspire your students and create a huge positive impact on the world?


So, this course is for you!



Why this course is perfect for you?


Our “Small Actions With Big Impact” course is a transformative learning experience crafted to empower you with the skills and resources needed to incorporate environmental education into your schools. We can all become environmental heroes!

Our trainings are super practical, fun and with an excellent atmosphere of friendship and kindness!



What can you expect from this course?


You can expect a super practical and action-oriented course with a lot of clear solutions to implement and hands-on activities, outdoor activities, visits to different places around Lisbon to discover super inspiring projects, and lots of sharing moments.

We will provide you with a peaceful environment of awareness where environmental problems are talked about lightheartedly. No judgments or pressure. Each person does what they can within their life dynamics. All our actions impact the world, no matter how small they are. Our motto is that the world needs millions of imperfect environmentalists fighting for our planet with small everyday actions.

Are you ready to join us and be the change our planet needs? 



What will you learn throughout this course?


During this course, you will be awakened to environmental awareness so that you can act as a facilitating agent for your students, inspiring the participation of the educational community in solving environmental problems. We will provide you with the necessary knowledge and tools in the field of environmental education for sustainable development:

– Concepts of environmental sustainability;

– Evidence-based information and statistics about environmental problems;

– Importance of the efficient use of natural and manufactured resources and minimization of pollution and waste production;

– The impact of every action on the environment;

– Two types of economy: linear and circular economy and comprehension of the life cycle of consumer goods;

– The 6 R’s of the environment (Rethink, Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot) as a tool to simplify environmental education;

– Educational tools and resources, including evidence-based information, statistics, videos, and practical exercises in the field of environmental education that teachers can adapt to their context;

– Creation of environmental education activities and their use in educational contexts inside and outside the classroom;

– Reflection in large groups and subgroups, according to their subject areas and educational levels, on the best strategies for children and young people to experience and acquire environmental awareness skills.

– Empowering teachers to do “hands-on” upcycling (creative reuse) low-budget activities. These activities using recycled materials will act as a starting point for ongoing work to raise awareness in children and young people about environmental issues;

– Real examples of how to change consumption patterns and reduce waste production.



Who is this course for?


This course was designed for teachers and other adults from educational organisations involved in formal, non-formal and informal learning.


Don’t you fit into this target audience?

We have other courses designed especially for you who want to have an increasingly positive impact on the world. Get in touch with us: info@cultivatingfutures.eu



How can you get a course with us?


We have a few vacancies for our next date:

13.05.24 to 17.05.24 

22.07.24 to 26.07.24

19.08.24 to 23.08.24


(extendable to 7 days)



And other 2024 dates to be confirmed soon

Let us know when you can come, and we will try to confirm a new class!


To register or get more information, send us an email to info@cultivatingfutures.eu!


Are you not available on that date?

No problem! Send us an email with the dates you are free to come, and we will try to confirm a class.

Would you like to get a course with us but none of the ones we have available appeal to you?

Contact us, and we will design a course adapted for your group!



What investment do you have to make?


None! If you request an Erasmus+ grant, you don’t have to make any financial investment! The Erasmus+ funding covers all transport, accommodation, and training costs.

The course fee is 400€ for a 5-day course or 560€ for a 7-day course. Note that accommodation and meals are not included.



Certificate of attendance at the end of the course and Europass certificate;

Digital manuals with complementary materials;

Photographic coverage during the course;

Summary video of our week to share and remember our beautiful moments together;

Access to an exclusive community for Erasmus teachers to share experiences and activities;

Coffee break in every office session.



What other information should you know about this course?



This course will take place in our office in Alvalade (Lisbon, Portugal), where we have a small backyard with a vegetable garden. If the weather allows, we will always be in our outdoor classroom, enjoying the sun while learning all together!

Course length

The course lasts 5 days (extendable to 7 days).

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